Wednesday, 13 February 2013

And So It Begins...

A few weeks ago I came to a sudden decision that I wanted to run for charity. I want to raise money for Mesothelioma Research. My grandma died from the rare cancer in 2010, and I feel that more awareness needs to be raised about this deadly disease. I looked into the possibilities available to me and decided that I want to take part in the Race for Life 5K run in September. I'm starting off with 5K because it seems reasonable... eventually I aim to be able to run 10K.

I'm a complete beginner, so 5K originally sounded impossible but after reading success stories from other people, I feel confident that if I commit to it, I will do it. This blog is my official statement of commitment. I'm going to turn this idea into a reality.

I've started a training plan to prepare me for the run, but have since decided that I want to go beyond just running. I want to improve my overall health and fitness. As a heavy smoker for over a decade, I'm not in the best shape and often get out of breath just by walking a few miles, so I have a long way to go.

Along with the plan to get me to run 5K, I've committed to taking the 100 Push Up and 200 Sit Up challenges and have downloaded both apps onto my iPhone to make sure I don't just forget about them! I have a habit of doing that. I bought some Tae-Bo DVDs about a year ago and for the first few weeks, I was dedicated... but then I kinda forgot about it. That's not going to happen this time! I may even get back to the Tae-Bo... Those work-outs are fun.

I'm not training to try and lose weight. I don't need to. I do, however, want to tone up in a couple of places and reach a good level of fitness. I don't want my body to just look good... I want it to function just as well!

I've cut down on smoking and have gone from 20+ a day to just 5, with the help of an e-cigarette. That was my first step on the road to a new me, and now I'm going further.

I started the 100 Push Up program earlier today and completed the 25 that it asked me to do (plus 3 more!) Now... on with the Sit Ups!

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